Teeth Whitening


Laser Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is probably the most popular cosmetic dental procedures, and for many reasons. The treatment is pain-free, economical, and quickly done. Our patients walk out happy with the results and with smiles brighter than before.

Your teeth see a lot of use, which is why they can darken, dimming the brilliance of your smile. When you come to us for the whitening procedure, we expertly remove the years of stains that prevent your smile from reaching its true wattage. After all, smiles power this world!

Our professional teeth whitening at Alison B. Lubyansky DDS is quick and easy, which is why you could be done in just one visit. Since we love pampering you, we only choose the highest quality bleaching agents for laser whitening. That’s why we guarantee results easily superior to the outcome you’d get from over the counter whiteners.

Patients Teeth Before & After Teeth Whitening

Immediate Effect

Minimal Irritation

Only One visit


  • Our laser whitening procedure will remove the most stubborn of stains. Do you have tetracycline staining your smile? We will get rid of it!
  • We don’t just whiten your teeth and send you off. Our staff will provide you with the instructions that you can follow easily for at-home maintenance of the results. That way your smile will stay brilliant for longer!
  • You are looking at a smile that is eight shades brighter when we are done with you.
  • The teeth whitening process doesn’t cause discomfort or bring on heightened tooth sensitivity.
  • It is clinically proven and won’t harm your teeth or smile in any manner.


We have all purchased a Teeth Whitening Kit at one time or other. However, the results they promise turn out to be less than amazing. There’s a reason why we recommend dentist-supervised whitening to all our patients. For one, Alison B. Lubyansky DDS guarantees a more dramatic effect. Secondly, you may not know it beforehand, but you might be allergic or sensitive to certain compounds in the counter whiteners. Why take a risk when you have us?


When you leave, you will do so with Teeth Whitening Toothpaste to prolong the brilliance of your smile. At-home maintenance and care is straightforward and something we suggest all our patients practice. Other than that, we will also share information about which foods can stain your teeth more readily.

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