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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry services that are all-inclusive for your loved ones are available at Alison B. Lubyansky DDS. We passionately ensure that your smile remains as youthful as you are! Whether your natural teeth need replacement due to age, regular wear and tear, or for some other reason, we reconstruct natural-looking replacement teeth.
Tooth loss should be taken seriously not just because of aesthetic reasons. It can also affect your bite, quality of life, and facial structure.
We offer the following restorative procedures currently:


Havens for bacteria that can cause additional damage, we recommend filling all cavities.


Where a filling isn't sufficient, a crown capping the entire tooth is a great solution.


If the tooth is beyond patching, replacing it with an implant is an excellent solution.


Need a full new set of teeth? Dentures are a great way to go.


A cavity is an invitation to bacteria to come nest and damage your healthy teeth. We recommend that our patients prevent that by allowing us to insert plastic or composite resin fillings.

These fillings are incredibly strong and long lasting, and take a minimum of effort to apply. They fix the issue once and for all and are a great way to stop small problems before they become large ones.


We recommend crowns to our patients when fillings don’t fit the bill. The insertion of a crown will strengthen your tooth, as well as, improve its appearance. It will also keep the cracks in a broken tooth from widening and causing other complications.
Crowns are also an ideal choice for correcting fractured teeth, misshaped teeth, and discolored teeth.

Before we create a dental crown for you, we will photograph your natural teeth. The result will match the appearance, such as bite, length, color, and shape, of your natural teeth.


Affordable Dental Implants can make all the difference to your smile. We expertly insert them to replace any teeth you might be missing. Dental implants consist of a replacement false tooth and a metal anchor that binds it to your jawbone. The anchor is inserted first, after which we will fix the false tooth in place. Dental implants are also a popular Cosmetic Dentistry solution because of their simplicity and great-looking results.


These dental constructs are false teeth that will do exactly as their name suggests -- bridge a gap between two healthy teeth. They bridge a gap between your missing teeth. You may choose to get the bridge cemented permanently or have us anchor it on either side using dental crowns.


Restorative or prosthodontic dentistry has one goal at Alison B. Lubyansky DDS, i.e., to preserve the look of your natural teeth. Depending on the situation, we recommend either full or partial denture to our patients. They don’t just look good, they are also instrumental in promoting good dental health.

It is necessary to fill in any empty spaces between your natural teeth for their protection. A gap can be a hotspot for plaque-causing bacteria. Besides the danger to dental health, missing teeth can also tax your natural teeth – they will have to work twice as hard during chewing.

You can follow this treatment with Dental Cleaning from time to time to keep the dentures in shape.


A skilled dentist has various methods at their disposal to Fix Teeth. When you want a solution that will address your concerns on multiple fronts, such as health and cosmetic, we suggest porcelain veneers. These are slivers of ultra-thin porcelain that support your teeth and are highly durable.

Since we know how important your smile is to you, we make sure each veneer is custom-made to the specifications of your natural teeth. Each smile is unique, and we take that into account when creating veneers for you.


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